Bonnie S.

Bonnie S. facing Texas State University Arch with sun rays

Graduation Photography

Bonnie S. contacted JTKreative and asked if we were available to take some before/during/after graduation photos along with a few headshots.

We met with Bonnie and her boyfriend at Texas State University in San Marcos a few weeks before graduation to take some pictures and met with them again at her Masters degree graduation night to take a few more (congrats again, Bonnie!).

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    Bonnie S.
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A Natural Memory

At JTKreative, we prefer to take photographs outside. Nature is beautiful and it does nothing but augment a photograph and hopefully produce a fond memory. 

Instead of "I remember sitting in that chair in the room..." it's "Wow, remember when I graduated and that photographer took that picture of you kissing me on the cheek by the San Marcos river... that was one of the best days of my life."